What’s Your Perspective?

Hey everyone, I hope you are having a good Monday afternoon. Today I want to discuss how our perspective can determine the outcome of our life. I know this can be difficult, especially with the craziness going on right now, but just as we must adjust our lens when taking different types of pictures, we need to adjust our way of thinking when it comes to how we live our lives.

Photo by Binyamin Mellish on Pexels.com

When you look at the photo above what do you see? Maybe some wood piled up? Where do you think this is? Maybe a lumber or junk yard? Now look at the photo from a different perspective and tell me what you see.

Photo by Binyamin Mellish on Pexels.com

I’ve expanded out the photo and it is actually a picture of a home. Maybe near a field of some kind. What looked like a pile of wood stacked up could be something for a project. Who knows. What do you think of when you look at this photo? To me I see not just a house, but a home. If I think hard enough I can hear children laughing, maybe even visualize running of little feet up and down some stairs. I think of memories that have been and are being made in this home. I imagine a family of four or six sitting around a dinner table and giving thanks to God for the meal they are about to consume. I could go on but I think you get my point. The way we view things and people in life all depends on our perspective. Now some of you may view this photo and think differently than myself. You may have not had the luxury to live in a nice home like this, or there was a time where you grew up with nice things and yet never had a good relationship with your parents and/or guardians. For that I am deeply sorry. However, I hope that you will one day find a nice home that brings you peace, joy, and all the wonderful memories to cherish for generations to come.

How do you view your life and others?

This is hard for me; one, because I’m a perfectionist and think life should go a certain way sometimes. Two, because of disappointments in my past I have a tendency to think my life won’t turn out as great as some do. Yet I’m learning that in those times I begin thinking negatively and I start comparing my life to someone else, that is when I must change my perspective. I may never live in a huge home in a cookie – cutter neighborhood (which to be honest I would prefer a nice little farm a little ways out from a small town but still), yet I can choose to find peace and joy no matter what season of life I am in. I think if people would quit comparing themselves to others and learn to praise people for their accomplishments, then start finding things in their own life they can be thankful for, we would see a much happier world. Think about it. When you tend to complain and compare, does it seem to make your situation better or worse? When you find things to be thankful for during the day do you see a change in your mood and how others treat you? I bet if you’re anything like me you notice how you view and what you say during the day tends to affect your attitude and how others treat you.

Be Thankful

This is the month for Thanksgiving and where people talk about being thankful. So what are some things you can be thankful for? I know 2020 has been referred to as the “dumpster fire” year, but honestly take a moment and write down just five things you can be thankful for. While you do that I will list out my five.

  • Thankful I’m alive and healthy: With the pandemic and virus going around right now, I am thankful I have only had the occasional seasonal allergies and a slight cough. This is something to be very thankful for since we are not guaranteed tomorrow.
  • Thankful for my family and husband who is good to me: Not only am I thankful for my close family and that we have a relatively good relationship, but I’m also thankful for the man God has brought into my life. My marriage isn’t perfect by a long shot, but I’m thankful for my husband and not just how good he is to me, but that we are truly best friends.
  • Thankful all my basic needs are met: I think the problem for most American’s today is we are spoiled. Some of us who maybe grew up not having a lot, yet we had clothes on our backs, food in our stomachs, and a roof over our head tend to forget there are those who struggle each day to even have that much. Worse yet, there are those in other countries who are barely surviving each day and sometimes go days without food or clean water. Yes you might not have had the best life, but there is always something to be thankful for if your basic needs are being met.
  • Thankful for mine and my husband’s job: I am beyond grateful for my husband’s job – even though I feel they don’t show much respect to him -, especially since people have been laid off during the pandemic. I am one of those people, yet at the same time my boss said she will keep me in mind the moment there is an opening at the school – I’m a teacher’s aid.
  • Finally, I’m thankful for my faith: Granite this should be number one, but I left the best for last. My faith is what gives me hope helps me to get up in the mornings. I am a follower of Jesus and I can say with confidence that without Him, I don’t know if I would be able to get through this pandemic. Some say I use my faith as a krutch, but honestly we are all leaning on something; be it our jobs, families, money, etc. I just know from experience that Jesus hasn’t let me down.

So there are my five things I’m thankful for, I hope you will share your list below. Until next time, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog, like and share this with your friends, and remember your perspective determines how successful you are. It’s never to late to change your perspective, begin living your best life now!

Angela Frantz is a landscape and architectural photographer and the owner of Frantz Photography.

May you always find the beauty in your surroundings!

~Angie Frantz ~

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I am a follower of Jesus, a wife, blogger, advocate for the hurting, and strive each day to bring love and joy to those around me. Isa. 61:1

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